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Our Background & National Police Check Services

Our products provide you with a more efficient and complete solution for Background checks, licence & qualification management and Compliance checks all in one place.

Background Checks

Our extensive range of employment background checks and candidate screening services can help your organisation easily control, process and manage verification checks all in one place.

  • User-friendly online form, providing candidates with a positive online experience.
  • Easily verify and assess the background, credentials and integrity of any type of candidate.
  • International reach in over 140 countries.
  • Integration via REST API for large volume checks.



Right To Work

Right To Work – VEVO Checks – just got a whole lot easier. InterCheck automates the administration of ‘Right to work’ Visa Checks – all on one platform.

  • Manage & Monitor ALL your right to work checks on one online platform – FREE

  • We can submit the checks for you and take away the administration constraint.

  • Automatic re-checking & expiry alerts – keep on top of your obligations & stay compliant.

  • Conduct the checks at any point of your recruitment process or employment lifecycle.

  • Integrate with your own HR software  –  (Over 200 checks)



Credential management

Our system allows any online platform or organisation to securely track and manage employees licences, qualifications & credentials all on one platform.

  • Manage licence renewals with automatic notifications.

  • Easily manage compliance

  • We provide dynamic verification badges for sharing economy platforms.

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Police Check

Our Police Check platform helps businesses, not-for-profits and Government to easily process & control police checks all in one online platform. Whether you have an existing program or you’re looking to start, our solutions can be tailored to fit with your own HR processes.

  • User-friendly and easy for candidates to lodge police checks online

  • Real-time monitoring – customised reports.

  • A streamlined process that reduces administration constraints.

  • Integration via REST API for large volume checks.

  • Built-in Compliance & Fair Hiring Tools.

Our platform is capable of providing police checks Australia-wide:


API Integrations

Our seamless API and HR Integration solutions give you the ability to integrate background screening & reporting features right into your own HR systems and workflows

  • Rich API & Webhooks you can build into your own custom application

  • Integrate with most leading ATS and HRIS platforms.

  • Best-in-class documentation and development tools

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Do you have more than 100 checks a year and want to know more how we can help?

Why InterCheck

Our Support 360 is unmatched in the industry, with our expert support team ready to help on the phones, instant chat or email.

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InterCheck can work closely with you to ensure a watertight fit with your own HR processes.

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The most user-friendly, high-touch online experience that actually humanises the background checking process

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RESTful API provides access control, data encryption and firewalls for secure, instant background checks.


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