[INFOGRAPHIC] Steps on assessing applicants with a criminal history

Businesses are entitled to ask prospective employees about their criminal past but should be careful when responding to the answers. Employers or recruiters can require applicants to consent to a criminal record check, they have to pay attention to how and what to ask about someone’s criminal record in an interview This means some offences […]

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Criminal background checks and obtaining employment – what you need to know

By McDonald Murholme Principal, Andrew Jewell Recently, Victorian anti-paedophile senator Derryn Hinch is leading a campaign for Australian paedophiles to have their passports cancelled following high-profile cases of child exploitation in South-East Asia. As there are more than 20,000 Australians on the National Child Offender Register, the proposed laws would prohibit offenders travelling overseas in […]

Assessing Disclosable Court Outcomes

When a police check reveals a disclosable court outcome or any outstanding charges, the relevant manager in charge of the screening process must follow some basic steps before proceeding further. At this stage, the relevant manager should: a)  Advise the employee that a criminal record has been released, so that the applicant has the right […]