[INFOGRAPHIC] Steps on assessing applicants with a criminal history

Businesses are entitled to ask prospective employees about their criminal past but should be careful when responding to the answers. Employers or recruiters can require applicants to consent to a criminal record check, they have to pay attention to how and what to ask about someone’s criminal record in an interview This means some offences […]

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What to do when an applicant refuses to undertake a Criminal History Check?

Employers can only conduct a criminal history check with the informed consent of the individual. Employees are often reluctant to disclose their criminal history for fear that their colleagues or the management team in the organisation will discover undisclosed personal information and that they will be subjected to harassment or discrimination with the possibility of […]

The actual cost of a bad hire is not what you think

Keeping up with the growing demands of your fast-paced business can be a handful. As soon as a vacancy arises, you want it filled immediately so your clients don’t suffer, or other employees don’t feel overworked. Considering how competitive the labour market is today, you probably want to lock down a good candidate before someone […]

How to find your first job in Nursing

It is estimated that there will be a shortage of around 109,000 nurses in Australia by the year 2025. However, many newly qualified nurses are struggling to find jobs, leaving a generation of graduates in limbo. This guide will provide useful information and tips to help graduate nurses find their first job.

How to drive for on-demand transport in Australia

The popularity of on-demand transport services has exploded over the past few years. In truth, it is the greatest phenomenon to hit the internet generation. However, it isn’t only the consumers that can benefit from the advancements in this field. It’s an industry that opens up many doors for aspiring and experienced commercial drivers too. […]