How to dispute your police check results in Australia



All job seekers should appreciate the importance of a National Police Certificate, as most employers consider it an essential document in their background checking process. The results from the National Name Index (NNI) are usually correct, but errors can occur from time to time. When they do, you should take a proactive approach to correct the error.

Those inaccuracies can occur for several reasons, including human error during admin processes or the incorrect information that’s been provided when filling out the form (usually in regards to the combination of the name, gender and date of birth)

Whatever the issue might be, it’s important that you obtain the necessary amendments. Otherwise, the data will paint an unfair reflection of your background.

Here’s all you need to know about filing a formal dispute.    

How to find inaccuracies in your certificate

The dispute process

How to dispute with InterCheck

How to dispute with other ACIC accredited providers

Determine which police check provider you applied for your police check with

How to dispute with Victoria Police

How to dispute with the Australian Federal Police

How to dispute with New South Wales Police

How to dispute with Western Australia Police

How to dispute with South Australia Police

How To Find Inaccuracies in your certificate:


The first step en route to successfully disputing those inaccuracies is to accurately spot them. As an Australian citizen, you are entitled to apply for a police certificate at any time. Given that it is such a crucial document, you cannot afford to skim-read it. It must be read and understood in detail. With this in mind, it might be worth making a photocopy and highlighting any elements that you wish to contest.

  • Confirm that all of your personal information is correct: Name (Previous Name, Maiden Name, Alias Name), Gender and Date of birth
  • Confirm if the Disclosed Court Outcomes belongs to you. In some cases, the spent legislation will be applied. Please make sure you consult with a qualified lawyer for Spent Convictions as it varies case by case and State by State.

Mistakes happen and can surface from many different sources. You may find that there has been an error made during a transcription or the identity has been mistaken due to namesakes. Alternatively, some of the data may simply be outdated. In the worst case scenarios, you may have been subjected to identity theft, even if it’s from a past situation that you’ve already fought.


Ultimately, nobody knows your history better than you. Therefore, it should be relatively easy to spot inaccuracies within the document. Following this, you must take necessary action to gain those amendments, which means making a formal dispute.

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The Dispute Process


When you have spotted an inaccuracy, you will need to lodge a complaint with the right police check providers. In the meantime, though, you should make the employer, who performed the check, aware of your intentions. It can help clear your reputation and give you the confidence of knowing that you’ve taken the right measures.   


Generally speaking, your next steps will be determined primarily by which provider that you lodge your national police check with. Different jurisdictions and police departments may require varying approaches. If you’ve lodged the dispute with the wrong providers for your specific case, the process could be delayed. Here’s what you need to know to gain a speedy solution.  


Determine which police check provider you applied for your police check with:

The first step is looking through all your emails that you received regarding your police check application. The email address should locate the business name and the website that you applied from.

From there, you can find their contact information (such as phone number and email).

How to dispute with InterCheck

If you applied through InterCheck, our correspondence will be delivered from this email address

To make the dispute, please email us or call our customer support team to request a dispute form. We will advise you about the next step to take once you have filled out the dispute form.

How to dispute with other ACIC accredited providers

If you did not apply through InterCheck, please contact the relevant police check providers as we do not hold any record of your application.

Please note that if you dispute through the wrong provider, your application will be delayed.

How to dispute with Victoria Police


You must first determine whether you lodged a police check through Victoria Police. You must then take note of as many details as you can relating to the inaccuracies and the necessary corrections.     

The destination of your complaints depends on the above point. You may need to contact the Victoria Police directly and in writing to :

Manager, Public Enquiry Service, Victoria Police,

GPO Box 919 Melbourne, VIC 3001.   

You shouldn’t have to pay any additional fees, and all correspondence should be made via mail.

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How to dispute with the Australian Federal Police


If the National Police checks come back with inaccurate details that need correcting, you can contact the Australian Federal Police through the following steps:  

  1. A Disputed Record form should be downloaded and completed here.
  2. Once you’ve completed the form you can send it to AFP Criminal Records, Client Services Team, GPO Box 401, CANBERRA ACT 2601.

Alternatively, the completed form can be emailed to

In some cases, you may be required to provide new fingerprints. However, this doesn’t come at an additional charge and isn’t always necessary. If this does happen, you’ll be kept updated throughout the process.


How to dispute with New South Wales Police


If your police checks were handled by the New South Wales Police, you’ll need to contact the NSW police to have the erroneous data corrected. The sooner you act, the better.

Those dealings will be handled by their criminal records team. You can download the Form P827 Disputing Criminal Record Information online.

It can be posted to:

Manager, NSW Police, Criminal Records Section, Locked Bag 5102, Parramatta NSW 2124.

Or you can contact the Criminal Records Section of the NSW police department. With them, you can discuss the necessary steps to clear your name and get your career prospects back on track. As with other territories, this may require the supply of additional information and fingerprints.

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How to dispute with Western Australia Police:


When your employment-related police checks were completed by the WA police, they are your point of contact throughout those disputes and corrections processes.  

They can be contacted via email, while forms should be sent to: Information Release Centre, Locked Bag 20, Perth Business Centre, WA, 6849. If the issue is simply related to inaccurate name or date of birth details, you have three months to issue a complaint.   

Information Release Centre, Locked Bag 20, Perth Business Centre, WA, 6849. If the issue is simply related to inaccurate name or date of birth details, you have three months to issue a complaint.   


As for criminal record inaccuracies, you should file the dispute immediately. Again highlighting the false data, along with the truth, should give you the best chance of finding a speedy solution. Comparison fingerprints may be required, although they’ll be destroyed once the dispute has been resolved. They won’t come at an additional cost either.


How to dispute with South Australia Police:


Disputes with the South Australia Police must be lodged within the first three months of receiving the certificate. Otherwise, your complaints could be determined to be void, meaning you’ll have to pay for another check when applicable.  

The Records Release Unit can be contacted by email or traditional mail. However, in the interest of time, it is advised that you call 08 7322 3347. The dedicated team can point you in the right direction, but they are likely to ask for the details you wish to contest, along with the correct information.

As long as the faults aren’t due to your own mistakes, you shouldn’t have to pay any extra. Disputes can be handled within two weeks, but you should be prepared to maintain strong communication throughout the process.