Intercheck for Make-a-Wish


For the month of October InterCheck will be partnering up with Make-a-Wish Australia to help grant wishes to kids diagnosed with critical illnesses. This is an excellent opportunity to join forces with one of Australia’s most reputable charities and support all the great work they do.

Make-a-Wish is a charity that supports thousands of kids with critical illnesses each year. The wishes that Make-a-Wish grant help bring joy and excitement to kids whose lives have been taken over by the day-to-day perils of illness. The wishes are a welcome distraction, for both the kids and their families, during the most difficult time in their lives. It is a time where they can just be kids.

The Make-a-Wish team work hard to inspire young kids and create both personalised, once-in-a-lifetime experiences for them to enjoy, as well as memories that they and their families can look back on and cherish for years to come.

Earlier this year, the InterCheck team had the opportunity of participating in Make-a-Wish’s biggest campaign yet. For Make-a-Wish’s #24Hope campaign they managed to raise a huge $185,560 in just 24 hours! Our team had an incredible day and were truly grateful to be involved in such a joyous and rewarding experience. Make-a-Wish really are an extraordinary charity who work hard to help bring joy and excitement into the lives of kids who need it most.

Make-a-Wish’s Impact

In partnership with Make-a-Wish, InterCheck will be raising funds to help make more wishes come true. Through our own donation we hope to not only help spread awareness for this amazing charity but also help deliver more wishes. Wishes like nine year-old Harry’s, who fell suddenly ill right before his family was scheduled to go on a skiing holiday. At nine years-old Harry was diagnosed with cancer and had to endure three and a half years of chemotherapy. When the Make-a-Wish team asked Harry what he wished for, he said he wanted to see snow for the first time!

The Make-a-wish team worked hard to make Harry’s wish come true and sent him and his family on a trip to Mount Hotham in the Victorian Alps. It took two plane rides and a three-hour drive to get there but finally Harry and his family got to have their long-awaited family holiday and Harry finally got to see snow for the first time! Harry had the greatest time learning to snowboard, having snowball fights and building snowmen.

Harry reported to the Make-a-Wish team that the trip had been the “best time of my life” and that it had “meant a lot to me and was an awesome and life-changing experience”. The wishes that Harry and all the other kids get to experience at the hand of Make-a-Wish truly are remarkable. They create anticipation, joy, and hope for young kids during the toughest time in their lives.

How Intercheck Will Help

For the entire month of October Intercheck will be donating $1 from every police check purchased to help make more wishes come true. We have set a goal of raising $4000 and we hope that with the support of our customers we can achieve it. We also encourage all of our individual customers and business partners to get on board and donate with us! To donate you can follow the link and give whatever you can to help create life changing experiences for kids with critical illnesses. Help us make a difference in the lives of young Australians diagnosed with critical illnesses and create memories that they’ll never forget!

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