Managing Director Service Continuity Statement


Managing Director Service Continuity Statement

As COVID-19 increasingly impacts and influences the world, InterCheck Australia reaffirms our commitment to providing a safe working environment for our team, and guarantees service continuity for all our business and community services customers.

InterCheck has implemented a business continuity plan which allows us to maintain our usual flow of business during this pandemic. We have reviewed this plan daily, incorporating changes to any Policies, Security, systems, processes, staff and environments.

The Business Continuity Plan responds to the COVID-19 pandemic;

Hybrid Working environments & Working From Home

Some InterCheck staff have commenced remote working arrangements, in line with the urgency to slow the spread of the corona-virus by actively supporting social distancing. This is an imperative step in safeguarding the health and well being of our staff, our clients and stakeholders.

InterCheck continues to provide customer support via email only at this stage, as a temporary measure to ensure we can focus on continuity to process criminal history application in line with our usual SLA timeframe. We have made a decision to temporarily suspend our telephone support channel for the short term and will notify you all when this has been brought back to normal.

Receiving Application & Documentation

Skeleton Staff will be in the offices to process incoming mail and hard copy documents as per usual. Processing of applications electronically will remain the same and is being managed in a remote and secure environment. Should you require any information or assistance, please contact our help service at ​

Health & Safety

At Intercheck, we have distributed information to all staff regarding personal hygiene and social distancing to ​keep workers safe and limit the spread of COVID-19 in compliance with the Australian Government Safe Work advice. We have provided our staff materials to promote cleanliness and surface disinfection. Should any of our staff test positive, or come into contact with another person who tests positive for coronavirus, we have a mandated 14 day self isolation period. Medical clearance is required to return to work.

Travel and Meetings

Staff travel and conference activity, interstate and overseas, has all been cancelled until further notice from the Australian Government. Video conferences are now set up between our staff, customers and stakeholders to continue the management and running of operations and support.

Data and Security

Some of our team have been located to work remotely. We have updated our privacy plan, and the data and security systems to maintain the same level of consistancy, as well as our internal security policies. This level of security ensures InterCheck uses, handles and stores personal information, via the same secure database located in the InterCheck main office located in Melbourne. We utilise a secure virtual connection, utilizing the same firewall and threat prevention tools to ensure best in its class security.

We are here to Support You and Your Business

Our team is readily available and committed to ensuring our business and service continues at optimum levels. We are here to support all our clients and businesses through this challenging time and remain focused to help you all with your background checking needs.

I am extremely proud of the team’s response and dedication to continue to provide our services to our customers and the way they have come together to support one another through a changing environment and difficult circumstances.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact us.

Kind Regards, Hayden Langhorn