Samantha Hurley

Human-Centred Business Strategist

A serial entrepreneur, Sam has a vision to help make Melbourne the start-up capital of Asia. From co-founding Marketing Entourage, a marketing consultancy that uses a unique methodology that takes it’s influence from design thinking, strategic foresight, behavioral science and Lean principles, to creating a directory to help start ups find the resources they need to flourish. She has helped individuals and organisations of many sizes think strategically and ideate about their future to create action plans that help them get there. Sam gets shit done, and performs at her best when injecting creativity and helping people create light work out of what seem insurmountable jobs. Her brain is part scientist, part designer, with an insatiable curiosity about human behaviour. She calls upon this thinking when ‘designing’ the best strategy for human-centred solutions to business or marketing objectives. Sam has worked in the UK, Europe, US, and Australasia, and has over 17 years senior sales, marketing, and management experience in the media and publishing industries.