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INDUSTRY: Not-for-profit organisation


  • Comlink Australia attracts volunteers from all walks of life. These volunteers require police checks before they are eligible to work. With the long turnaround times of police checks, volunteers often lost interest in the position they had applied for by the time these criminal history checks were processed and received
  • As part of the mandatory legal requirement, HR employees had to photocopy volunteers’ IDs, however these were often difficult to retrieve as individuals didn’t have their IDs on-hand. Scanning and photocopying therefore became a tedious process causing further delays
  • HR Managers encountered barriers to communication because they failed to receive confirmation when applications had been received and if the police checks were completed with no criminal history found. They were constantly following up the status of the pre-employment background checks
  • Not all staff at Comlink Australia were tech savvy and often struggled to operate multiple software programs at the same time


  • Using InterCheck’s technology, a Comlink Australia volunteer could now receive their police check with fast turnaround times. They could apply today and start working tomorrow
  • A more streamlined process helped with handling the applicant’s documents
  • The new system has helped to reduce admin time by 50%
  • The solution lends itself to be visually appealing and intuitive. Even the less tech savvy HR employees can use the portal effortlessly
  • The InterCheck system is efficient, effective, accurate, fast, and most of all, easy. The system is very self-explanatory so it is easy to train new staff on how to effectively use the solution
  • InterCheck’s Online System allows the admin and HR staff to login and know exactly where the application is in the process. This information can then be relayed to the candidate awaiting the police check removing the element of uncertainty


  • Admin time is reduced by 50%
  • Efficiently onboarding more volunteers in a short timeframe
  • Minimising the time spent to train new employees
  • Eliminating 4 unnecessary steps in processing police checks


“It’s visually appealing and very intuitive. It doesn’t take a genius to work out how to use it. The system is very simple and you don’t need to be a computer guru to get started.”

Comlink Australia