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INDUSTRY: Sharing economy – Food Delivery Startup


  1. Deliveroo relies on high volumes of riders to be able to service their growing demand
  2. Deliveroo receives thousands of applicants. With a high churn rate, it is very challenging and time consuming to manage the hiring process and conduct multiple police checks with administrative efficiencies
  3. Deliveroo requires a criminal history screening system that not only meets and sustains the demands of hundreds and thousands of applications, but also offers an easy, customisable and streamlined process, designed to assist their staff onboarding new riders


InterCheck collaborated closely with the Deliveroo Operations team to identify challenges and introduce solutions to enhance the simplicity and efficiency of the business’s onboarding process.The following benefits were realised:

  • By introducing InterCheck’s Business Portal to Deliveroo, the Rider Operations team is now able to allocate the entire criminal history application process to their applicants, using email invitations
  • InterCheck handles all the data processing and has increased the accuracy of reporting, ensuring that Deliveroo complies with Australian rules and regulations
  • The custom Landing Page for each Deliveroo Department has simplified the application process for potential employees. This has been specifically tailored to meet Deliveroo’s onboarding requirements and to avoid potential challenges throughout the application process
  • An innovative API integration enables Deliveroo to utilise the police check application process in their own onboarding system. This automated process reduces touch points for the Rider Operations team personnel and the applicants
  • The user-friendly application form results in no further complaints and delays from riders


  • With the use of our platform, Deliveroo managed to reduce 30 minutes of their administrative time per application
  • The hiring team received a streamlined solution across all departments to easily manage the pre onboarding background check submissions
  • With the streamlined process, Deliveroo is saving the cost of at least 2 full-time staff members for their Rider Operations team


“We certainly liked that InterCheck cares about how we interact with our platform and how we use it, constantly developing additional ways to work together and better streamline our analysis.”
Wolf Aron
Operations Manager