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Are there any industry specific standards for checks that our business must comply with?

There are a number of different specific standards that may apply to checks across various industries. For more information, contact a member of our customer support team on 1300 794 440 and we’ll guide you through any specific requirements that may apply to your checks.

Is it mandatory for an employer to acquire an employee or candidate’s consent before conducting a background check?

YES – Absolutely! Before commencing any type of background check, you must ensure that you have obtained consent from the candidate or employee before conducting any type of check.

Will InterCheck help us make hiring decisions?

Unfortunately we do not provide any advice around hiring decisions. Whilst we will provide a comprehensive set of background checking reports outlining any criminal records or other required credential checks, the actual decision to proceed with hiring a potential candidate is your own business decision. Our background checks reports will help support your decision making process and help to mitigate HR risks.

Is an InterCheck police check accepted Australia-wide?

InterCheck Australia is accredited with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC). This means that all our checks are accepted nationwide in all states and territories of Australia. As such, we are able to provide criminal history checks for every organisation and individuals obtaining checks to work in regulated sectors including but not limited to; Aged Care Workers, Finance Licences, Mortgage Licences and ASIC Licences.