Why HR needs to be responsible for cyber security

In the past, cyber security was the concern of the company IT
department. But because of how pervasive digital technology has
now become inside our….

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Brendan Peel

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Who maintains Criminal History Records in Australia?

The Police The Police services in Australia currently maintain criminal history records. Each separate state in Australia and other police jurisdictions have their own processes for capturing details of court convictions and storing this information in its police system. Each of these systems format and components of a criminal history record varies from jurisdiction to […]

Who can request a National Criminal History Check in Australia?

A National Criminal History checks, commonly referred to as a Police Check in Australia can be requested from a number of different persons or entities including individuals, businesses and Volunteers. Individuals Individuals may need to request a National Criminal History check for themselves. There are many different reasons why individuals may be required to present […]

Should your business conduct Police Checks?

Background: The need to conduct criminal history checks on staff or potential candidates depends on a number of different factors. Some occupations legally require police checks under legislative or regulatory frameworks for registration, licensing or employment purposes. Some of these occupations may include, but are not limited to; lawyers, community care workers, teachers, the police, […]

Your privacy and personal data matters

InterCheck is now a proud partner of Stay Smart Online, an Australian government incentive designed to raise awareness around the risks and implications of sharing personal and financial information online. As the most innovative and fast growing background check platform in Australia, we are trusted by thousands of individuals, businesses and communities to hold and protect […]

Preventing Fraud In Your Workplace

A major cause of loss within many businesses is internal fraud practices. Each year, an average company can lose five percent of it’s revenue through fraud. It may not seem like much, but five percent can be a major loss to a small business, meaning the difference between a successful year and one that can […]

Pre-employment Screening: Know Who You Hire

If you are considering hiring a new recruit to your business, it is recommended that you conduct a pre-employment screening. This process is especially important if your business involves working with children or in matters of law and justice. It’s not a question of distrust, but rather proper due diligence on your part. It is […]

New Application Form Update – 2017

At InterCheck we have been working hard behind the scenes the last few months to introduce you the new application form which makes the process of obtaining a police check much easier and faster. 1. Changes in the new application form! 2. If you are an existing user, this change will not affect your current […]

Need A Police Check For That Teaching Job?

If you’re a teacher looking for a new job, one thing is for sure: you’ll need to obtain a police check. An essential part of your application because it reassures the organisation you’re applying to that you don’t have a criminal history they need to be concerned with. After all, the safety of students is […]

Intercheck for Make-a-Wish

For the month of October InterCheck will be partnering up with Make-a-Wish Australia to help grant wishes to kids diagnosed with critical illnesses. This is an excellent opportunity to join forces with one of Australia’s most reputable charities and support all the great work they do. Make-a-Wish is a charity that supports thousands of kids […]

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