Why HR needs to be responsible for cyber security

In the past, cyber security was the concern of the company IT
department. But because of how pervasive digital technology has
now become inside our….

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Brendan Peel

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Managing Director Service Continuity Statement

Managing Director Service Continuity Statement As COVID-19 increasingly impacts and influences the world, InterCheck Australia reaffirms our commitment to providing a safe working environment for our team, and guarantees service continuity for all our business and community services customers. InterCheck has implemented a business continuity plan which allows us to maintain our usual flow of […]

Intercheck for Make-a-Wish

For the month of October InterCheck will be partnering up with Make-a-Wish Australia to help grant wishes to kids diagnosed with critical illnesses. This is an excellent opportunity to join forces with one of Australia’s most reputable charities and support all the great work they do.   Make-a-Wish is a charity that supports thousands of […]

How do you terminate an employee with a criminal record?

Finding out that an employee at your organisation has a criminal record which impacts their suitability for the role they’ve been hired for, can put you in an uncomfortable position. Your first reaction may be to remove them from that position with immediate effect, especially if you’re worried about any risks they present to your company.

Where can I acquire a police check?

If your organisation wants to conduct police checks on current or potential staff members, depending on your needs and circumstances, you can source them from one the following:

What are the components of a robust police check policy?

If you want to incorporate police checks into your organisation’s criminal history screening process, you should consider developing a comprehensive written policy first. The advantages are numerous.

What to do when your employee has a criminal record?

Have you ever run criminal history checks on future or current staff members hoping to not find anything – but then you did? Being prepared in these situations will make life easier for your organisation.

What legislation applies when conducting a police check?

You’ve run a criminal history check and found something! What do you do now? Or rather, what can you do now?

Can an individual refuse to undergo a police check?

Mitigating employment risks for your organisation may mean that you need to conduct a criminal history check for new and existing employees. Doing so can help you assess any risks they pose for your organisation’s reputation, your clients, and, your workforce.

Should I be conducting a police check on my staff?

Thinking of hiring a new employee? It’s worth checking whether you need to run a police check on your potential candidate.

How do I conduct police checks on existing employees?

Is one of your existing employees moving into another position that exposes them to a different level of risk from their current role? Do your homework to find out if an employment background check is required before they step into the new role.

How do I conduct a police check on new employees?

“Without trust, we don’t truly collaborate; we merely coordinate or, at best, cooperate. It is trust that transforms a group of people into a team.”
– Stephen M.R. Covey

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