Who can request a National Criminal History Check in Australia?


A National Criminal History checks, commonly referred to as a Police Check in Australia can be requested from a number of different persons or entities including individuals, businesses and Volunteers.


Individuals may need to request a National Criminal History check for themselves. There are many different reasons why individuals may be required to present their criminal History Check, but typically it would be for either employment screening purposes, volunteer work, preparation for a court appearance, visa entry , or to satisfy specific statutory requirements.

How do individuals obtain their Police check? There are many different options one has when needing to order a police check on themselves. It can also depend on the purpose for why the police check is required. For example, if you require a police check for any Visa purposes or if you’re overseas, then it is a requirement that you go through the Australian Federal Police. If you require a police check for employment or Volunteer work purposes, you can obtain this from either your local Police station or you can go through an Employment Screening company, such as InterCheck Australia with the advantage of receiving your police check within 1 – 2 business days.


In today’s business world more and more companies are conducting police checks on job applicants and/or existing employees. Typically checks are conducted for employment screening and probity checking of potential/existing employees, contractors and consultants to assess their suitability for employment.

Companies in some industries require mandatory police checks to be conducted on potential/ existing employees who need to comply with various legislative or regulatory requirements and to reduce the risk of legal liabilities, including failure to perform due diligence and negligent hiring.

Companies can obtain Criminal History information from a number of different sources including various Police Services or as it is more common sought today through an employment screening services provider.


Both individual volunteers and volunteer organisations may be required to request Police Checks for Volunteer work. The fees are reduced for a police check for Volunteers and Volunteer organisations , but the following test is applied to satisfy eligibility:

No remuneration to the volunteer worker for work except out of pocket expenses; and
The work fulfils a charity or community service good.
Volunteers can obtain police Checks through their local Police Station or through an employment screening agencies.