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Extend positive candidate experience into background screening


Enhanced candidate experience, mobile-friendly and easy-to-use form


Ability to control access rights based on departments and roles for better privacy and sensitive data control.


Award winning customer support for both the applicants and admin


Better hiring decision thanks to True Me features


Enhance user experience and support

We are focused on providing a positive online user experience offering mobile-ready, e-signatures & facial recognation technology.

We also handle all the customer support for the end user applicant by phone or email


Fast turnaround times

Our technology connects directly with a number of Australian Government agencies and primary source data providers, allowing us to process a high volume of checks within the fastest turnaround times in the industry

94% of users surveyed highly recommend InterCheck with their friends

Reimagine background checks with Our User-friendly application form

Our technology is built for everyone from Gen Z to the Baby Boomers

Benefit from fast turnaround times on screening results, even during the high season when the need for screening increases significantly


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