New Application Form Update – 2017


At InterCheck we have been working hard behind the scenes the last few months to introduce you the new application form which makes the process of obtaining a police check much easier and faster.

1. Changes in the new application form!

2. If you are an existing user, this change will not affect your current application and you can just continue where you left off.

I. Mobile responsive

mobile responsive-img

You can complete the application form and manage your application’s status across all devices.

II. User-friendly interface


Modernised and intuitive user interface helps to navigate through the application even easier than cutting a piece of cake.

III. Easy upload feature – work seamlessly on any devices

easy upload feature

Upload feature works seamlessly on mobile devices and users can now take a photo directly from their mobile devices.

IV. Payment made easy with scanning feature:

payment made easy

Now you can scan your credit card instead of having to manually key in the details. Simply position your card and it will scan both your name and number. You will still need to manually enter the expiration date and the 3 digit security code on the back of your card.

V. Business Portal: Better Police Check Management System without compromising candidates’ experience

We know background checks can provoke anxiety in even the most qualified candidates. Since the new updates on the application form, we have received a tremendous amount of positive reviews from applicants regarding how easy it is for them to obtain their police checks.

InterCheck provides customised police check solutions that align with your business’ needs and HR process.

Some of the benefits of utilising the business portal feature include:

  • Centralised Online Management system
  • A streamlined process that reduces administration constraints
  • Real-time monitoring – customised reports
  • Built for SMEs & large volume lodgements
  • Flexible payment options – you can choose whether your business or the applicants pay

To get started, simply click here or if you wish to learn more, please go to ‘Information for Police Check Business Portal’.
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